Granarola Castle

The Granarola Castle in the Marches in Italy, is the first secret hotel selected by our research team.

Granarola Castle is surrounded by nature and close to the Adriatic Sea.
The first Long Stay House by BRANDINA is named after its function during the Roman era when the caves of the Castle were used to store the corn reserves.
Today Granarola offers its hospitality to guests from all over the world. The Castle is today enjoying a new lease of life whilst respecting the history and aesthetics of the place, between oaks and scented laurel trees, the sea and hills, as in a Reinassance painting by Piero della Francesca. The first structure of the Castle is 1200 years old; it was built in the best position possible to gain maximum sun exposure. During its recent restoration, ecological materials have been used, deriving from the surrounding nature and always respectful of the environment. Exclusive retreats from everyday routine are magical places allowing you to experience new dimensions.


Silence surrounds you, every window offers stunning views with no curtains to block your vision. Enjoy walking barefoot with the earth and floors beneath you radiating their warmth. Each object that surrounds you was made by local artisans, no mass production here. Enjoy The Beautiful experience, in an authentic and exclusive stay. This is the atmosphere at Granarola Castle.